Awesome Features

Drag & Drop

You can easily add files/folders by simple drag & drop method. You can even add iPhoto and Photos library the same way.

1-Click Scan

After adding items to this app, simple click “Start Scan” and wait for the process to complete. You’ll get duplicates in no time.

Auto-Mark Duplicates

This tool marks all duplicates in a group for trashing, leaving the best one unmarked. This will trash all copies of a duplicate item.

Preview Files

Be sure of what duplicates you’re trashing. You can get a preview of the scanned items before you go ahead and trash them.

View duplicates by type

You can easily preview duplicates by their type if you want to view them in a categorized manner. It’ll minimize your efforts.

Exclude Items

This feature allows you to exclude items from scanning. It is the best when you want to scan a drive and not its entire contents.

Why Use Duplicate Finder and Remover?

Duplicate files serve no purpose in your Mac. It is time consuming and tedious to find and delete the duplicates scattered all over your Mac. Duplicate Finder and Remover quickly scraps the duplicate files hiding in your Mac. If you download a lot of files from Internet, sync other devices and transfer their content to your computer or do a lot of copy-pasting, then this tool is simply the quickest way of restoring gigabytes of space.

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